We as SMT SERVICES are working together with our suppliers to support your production and helping you to lower your cost of operations. We are committed to the success of your business and ensure the highest return of investment.

A partnership for productivity
A partnership with SMT SERVICES delivers industry-leading equipment with worldclass support. Our suppliers complement equipment designed for lowest cost of operation and placement, optimal flexibility and superior serviceability with a global support organization committed to enforcing system capabilities. Together we will meet your support requirements and proactively assist you in maximizing return of your investment.

Commitment and flexibility
From niche contract manufacturers to multinational enterprises, SMT SERVICES is committed to providing responsive support always, everywhere. The dynamics of your business demand a flexible support partner during the entire lifecycle of your equipment. SMT SERVICES goes beyond the ‘one size fits all” approach by tailoring its support products to your specific needs at lowest cost.

A three-step approach to true partnering

SMT SERVICES aims to build a support relationship with you in three steps.

What are your support requirements and how we will meet them?

Installation Services

All the services you need to get the machines running. We make it faster for you and increase the operational quality. Your start-up / ramp-up of your line will lead to higher quality.

Operational Services

This group of services will help you to keep your machines in the best conditions which will stabilize your process and improve your performance. Those services lead to higher return of investment by keeping your machines longer in the best conditions and increased life time.

Efficiency Services

While your machines are running in best conditions, you continuously need attention to go to the next level of manufacturing. With a high level of knowledge transfer and customized solutions we are prepared to support you.